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Our Story

We, as founding members of MIPP, are Muslims from lower socioeconomic backgrounds who recently began our journeys in the world of public policy. Coming from a wide array of backgrounds and schemes including the Civil Service Fast Stream, the National Graduate Development Programme and Finance the Future, we soon realised through the projects we were working on that when people from diverse backgrounds are involved in creating the public services we all rely on, we get better services that work for everyone.


It became clear to us through our work placements that public policy consisted of various types of work pathways, including policy, project management, and strategy as well as covering key policy areas including healthcare, transport, and community safety. We also appreciated that the sector of work complemented our faith values as Muslims, including stewardship, selflessness and public service. 


Soon after realising both the spiritual and practical value of working in the sector, we mobilised to brainstorm on how to better shape public policy as an attractive career to Muslims, ethnically diverse individuals and those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, as well as ways of developing the current workforce. We soon recognised the potential benefits of uniting a community of diverse public policy professionals and the benefits this could yield to the wider UK community. The result? MIPP!

Be part of MIPP’s story and join us today!

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