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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is MIPP?
    Muslims in Public Policy (MIPP) is a registered, independent and apolitical community-interest company (CIC). MIPP is a faith-inspired effort, and we are a diverse community of Muslims working in the civil service, local government, and arms-length bodies. We aim to better represent Muslims, ethnically diverse individuals, as well as those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, in local and central government.
  • Why does MIPP exist?
    To ensure development and representation of Muslims, ethnically diverse individuals, and those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds in current and future government workforces.
  • Who can become a member?
    Anyone who has an interest in government workforces and the representation of Muslims, ethnically diverse individuals and those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds in the space. You can sign up as a member by clicking here.
  • What is public policy?
    Public policy consists of the set of actions, plans and laws adopted by a government institution. Government institutions in the UK can be divided into local and central government, also known as Local Authorities and the Civil Service. You can find out more about public policy here.
  • Who can work in Public Policy?
    Anybody can begin a career in public policy. There are both generalist and technical role types in public policy. Technical roles may require a particular educational background or qualification, whilst generalist roles usually do not. You can find out more about entry routes into public policy on our Careers page.
  • What does MIPP offer?
    Muslims in Public Policy offers a wide range of services including mentoring, networking, and outreach with a wide range of stakeholders. More information can be found on our Projects page.
  • How can I get involved?
    Join the MIPP community by becoming a member. You will then receive our monthly digest which may contain volunteering opportunities. Otherwise, you can sign up to our mentoring programme, write a blog for us or attend a future networking or skills development session.
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