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Future Entrants

Our Outreach team aims to support future generations of the public policy workforce. We plan to do this through partnering with educational institutions, providing insights into public policy through lunch and inspiring the next generation of leaders in this career space.

We are currently working with partners to identify useful workshops to offer at educational settings (with a particular focus on universities), which we plan to start delivering in the new academic year.

Projects - Outreach.jpg
Projects - Outreach(1).jpg


The MIPP Outreach team will support development of the current public policy workforce. We will highlight career pathways of successful leaders in the sector, provide insights into different public policy areas and enable networking across organsiational boundaries.

Our application support offer will aim to create transparency around best practice for applications, pathways into management and qualifications to progress public policy applications.


We are interested in working alongside staff networks within the public policy sphere to raise awareness of employee wellbeing; highlighting the relationship between faith and public service during key periods of the year including Ramadan, Interfaith Week and Mental Health Awareness.

We are currently working with EDI (equality, diversity and inclusion) champions within the public policy workforce to develop an offer that would be of benefit to public policy workforces across the UK.

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We are happy to collaborate with organisations who share our common values and objectives to champion faith and increase representation in this pivotal career sector.

If you would like to collaborate with us, please email us at

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