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MIPP Flagship Mentoring Programme

Projects - Mentorship(1).jpg


The MIPP Mentoring Programme has two streams (current & prospective professionals) and operates in annual cycles. 


Please note, applications to be a mentee are now closed. The next cycle to commence around January 2024 will be aimed at penultimate/final year university students, those seeking apprenticeships/internships and recent graduates (within 3 years) seeking entry-level roles in the sector.

We welcome applications from both Muslim communities and individuals from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. The following indicators will be assessed during the application process to measure socioeconomic background eligibility:


  • Parents' educational qualifications

  • Type of school attended at age 11 to 16

  • Free school meal eligibility

Leadership is a key priority for us. Developing this skillset and providing leadership exposure is important to ensure there is senior leadership representation across local and central government organisations in the UK.

That is why, here at MIPP, we are keen to connect the current and next generation of public policy professionals. We also want to ensure current professionals who are aspiring to develop further in their careers have access to senior professionals in local government and the civil service.


We will therefore offer two separate mentoring streams for:


  1. Prospective public policy professionals: this stream is focused on providing careers advice for those who are considering public policy as a career. Mentors will be professionals who have recently entered the sector. You may be a recent graduate, school-leaver or an individual simply looking to gain entry into the career sector. You will receive advice on different career options, entry routes and application support where appropriate. 

  2. Current public policy professionals: this stream is focused on developing and upskilling the current public policy workforce. Mentors will range from senior professionals in local government and the civil service (managerial level and above). As an applicant, you will be a current public policy professional working in a civil service department, local authority or an arms-length public service body. 

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